Inspiration VUE Glass Coating


The request for a glass coating has never stopped, and we are pleased to add P&S Double Black Inspiration VUE Glass Coating to our Inspiration lineup of products. VUE is the perfect compliment to a detail or coating job. Double Black Inspiration VUE is an easy-to-install product adding protection to glass for up to 6 months or longer. Double Black Inspiration VUE comes packaged in a blue 30 ml bottle offering up to 10 windshield coatings plus per container.

A winning combination is to polish the glass with Clarity Creme, prep the glass with Paint Prep, and add protection with VUE Glass Coating. (Kit Includes: 1 - 30 ml bottle of Inspiration, one coating applicator, and 4 door jamb labels). VUE INSPIRATION Glass Coating is formulated for use by professionals, and proper procedures must be followed for effective application and results. We do not recommend product use or application by untrained individuals.