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How do I start a car detailing business in Sacramento, CA?

The first step is to get properly trained. We offer auto detailing classes at our Rancho Cordova training facility. Whether you own a car wash or plan on a mobile business, having the right training along with the right tools and products will set you apart from the others. The Polishing School can supply you with everything you need to get started and impress your customers.

What equipment do I need for mobile detailing?

A pressure washer, vacuum and proper cleaning supplies is a great place to start. The great thing is almost any vehicle can be used to start your mobile detailing business.

What detailing products do you supply?

No matter what services your car detailing business offers, we have all of the accessories and cleaning supplies that you need. Degreasers, towels and brushes, dressings, leather protectants and polish, everything even up to paint correction and headlight restoration.

Should I be concerned about different chemicals during the detailing process?

Certain chemicals can interfere with different parts of the detailing process. Choose from a wide variety of inventory including water based and silicone free products that we supply. We can also give you advice on what products are best, which can cause issues and help steer you in the right direction.

What is the difference between paint correction, compounding, polishing or buffing?

All of these techniques are used to achieve the same result of restoring the clear coat. Compounding is the most aggressive and used for areas with large scratches, followed by polishing to even out the entire coat of paint, then finished off with buffing to create that mirror shine.

What supplies do car detailers use?

All-purpose cleaners and degreasers, microfiber towels, soft brushes and buffing pads, dressings and deodorants, leather protectants and polish, spot treatments and pet hair removers, glass cleaners and specialty waxes, and many more.

What do you need to detail your car interior?

Use an array of surface cleaners, spot treatment sprays, leather cleaners, brushes of different sizes, air deodorizers a vacuum.

Most owners have an array of surface cleaners, spot treatment sprays, leather cleaners, brushes of all sizes, air deodorizers and of course, a vacuum.

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