3D One



A Hybrid Cutting Compound & Finishing Polish 3D ONE is like no other compound or polish you’ve ever used, and you’ll find this out the first time you use it. 3D ONE cuts like a compound and finishes out like a fine-cut polish. No one even comes close to 3D ONE. When you apply the 3D ONE, you can change the cut; by simply changing the pad or tool. That’s right, change the tool. Use 3D ONE with a rotary polisher and a traditional 4-ply, twisted wool cutting pad for a super aggressive cut. Use any orbital polisher with either a fiber pad or a foam cutting pad for less cut.

Unlike any other compound or polish you’ve ever used, to experience the forever buffing cycle is incredible. This product will NOT dry up on you as long as you buff. The product will stay wet on the surface and continue to cut or polished. The wipe-off is smooth and fluid. The product lubricates the surface as you wipe, so not only is wiping off easy there’s virtually zero risk for wiping-induced towel marring.

What is it? Combination 2-in-1 product – it is a compound/polish. It cuts like a compound and finishes like a polish. The 3D One uses 3D’s proprietary alpha ceramic alumina abrasive technology. Alumina Oxide is a conductor of heat. Ceramics is an insulator of heat. Combining to create a hybrid, the ceramic counters the heat issue from the alumina oxide to reduce and help eliminate heat issues like burn-through from excess surface temperatures.

No filler formula: The results you see are true and accurate – no fillers, hiding, or masking.

What does it do? Removes below-surface paint defects like swirls, scratches, water spots, and oxidation. It can be used with aggressive pads and powerful tools for removing deep and severe paint defects or with soft foam pads and free spinning orbital polishers to finish out for show car results. When do you use it? Anytime you want to remove surface defects in your car’s paint below, create a super high gloss finish perfect for sealing with wax, synthetic paint sealant, or ceramic paint coatings. 3D ONE works on all hard, medium, and soft paint types. And you can control the level of cut or finish by simply changing the type of pad or the type of pad together with the type of tool.

3D ONE contains no fillers or ingredients intended to fill, mask, or camouflage swirls and scratches. However, the results you see are true and accurate. It is easy to wipe off immediately after buffing and for hours afterward. Easy wipe-off means less risk for user-induced towel wiping marring and, better yet – less tiring for you.

  • Combination hybrid compound/polish – Can cut like an aggressive compound or finish out like a fine-cut polish – in a single product.
  • It uses engineered ceramic alumina abrasives, which reduce surface temperature.
  • Forever buffing cycle – stays active and wet on the surface as long as you buff.
  • ZERO dusting. Note the word ZERO is in all CAPITAL LETTERS! Easy wipe-off and no hurry – wipe off immediately or after buffing out the entire car.
  • Versatile cut – for more correction, use a cutting pad; for better finishing, use a finishing pad.
  • No fillers – the results you see are true and accurate.
  • Body shop safe – contains no silicones or any ingredient that can contaminate a fresh paint environment.
  • Water-based for easy clean-up
  • Green technology is Earth-friendly – VOC-compliant, and biodegradable.