3D SPEED is the most popular AIO product on the market worldwide. The reason is that it works so well and is fast and easy to work with, plus it is the most versatile AIO on the market today. 3D SPEED is so popular due to the proprietary abrasive technology created at 3D’s manufacturing plant in Santa Clarita, California. 

Besides excellent paint correction and polishing ability, 3D SPEED leaves behind a layer of synthetic paint sealant blended with Montan Wax. This proprietary blend creates a sealant that offers long-lasting shine with excellent resistance to high-heat climates and resistance to corrosion from exposure to chemical contamination. This blended sealant also provides perfect gloss, brightness, and slickness for reduced marring anytime you wash, dry, or wipe the finish.  

3D on the outside of the bottle means you can trust the product on the inside of the bottle.

What is it? 3D SPEED is the world’s best AIO or All-in-One. The term AIO is interchangeable with the term cleaner/wax; it’s like mixing a compound, a polish, and wax into one bottle.

What does it do? 3D SPEED does three paint correction processes in a single step.

1: Compound: 3D’s unique and proprietary abrasive technology removes defects like swirls, scratches, water spots, and oxidation WITHOUT inflicting micro-marring at the same time.

2: Polish: 3D’s polishing agents pick up where the compound leaves off to create a clear, high gloss shine with maximum D.O.I or distinction of image.

3: Protection: 3D SPEED seals the surface to lock in the achieved results while locking out all the corrosive substances in the environment that attack and corrode the paint. And using this product just ONE time will make you a believer.

When do you use it?  Anytime you want to restore a better-than-new factory shine to your car’s paint. And the good news is you can use this product on virtually any type of paint and also gel coat, plastic surfaces, and even clear bras or PPF or Paint Protection Film as is known in the detailing industry. You can even use this product on the glass to remove light water spotting, road film, and drizzle stains. 3D SPEED is as close to a miracle product as you can find. It’s that good.

3D products use the BEST abrasive technology in the world

Abrasive technology is the most critical factor in working on car paint. Why? Because it is the abrasive technology that touches the paint first. 

 It is the abrasive technology that must do the impossible. It must rub the surface to remove defects without leaving its own defects in their place. Any abrasive technology that can do this is an engineering marvel. The fact of the matter is most paint correction products cannot do this when it comes to abrasive technology. There are no gray areas. 

If the products you’re used to working with remove defects, but the results always look hazy in the sun – chances are good this is micro-marring caused by inferior abrasive technology. When this happens, the only way to undo the damage is to re-do the job, only this time using great abrasive technology. Same yourself time, energy, and frustration – use 3D SPEED.