CCi Advanced Coating 50 ml


If you’re looking to take vehicle protection to the next level, CCI Advanced Coating is our flagship ceramic coating. It’s Sediment Suspension design, it will give excellent chemical resistance, ultra-high gloss, and a super slick surface. Formulated to last up to 3-5+ years, it will provide protection on any surface while providing unmatched shine and durability.

For best results, we recommend the following preparation and application instructions.

Surface Preparation:

  1. Clean, decontaminate and dry the surface.
  2. Paint Correct (compound and polish) the surface to remove scratches and imperfections.
  3. Remove all polishing oil and silicone using CCI Coating Prep.

Application Instructions:

  1. Shake CCI Advance Coating very well. Because it's a sediment suspension coating, you'll need to shake it for at least two minutes before applying the applicator. Shake several times during the application of the coating.
  2. Pour 15-20 drops evenly onto the coating applicator.
  3. Apply the coating evenly, one panel at a time. Ensure 100% panel coverage.
  4. Level the coating using a dry, folded, flat microfiber towel in the palm of your hand.
  5. Remove any remaining coating, streaks, and high spots with a second dry, folded, flat microfiber towel until smooth and clear.
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 above panel-by-panel until the entire vehicle is ceramic coated and leveled.
  7. Inspect the entire vehicle for high spots that look like darker smudges and streaks. If high spots are found, reactivate them by applying additional coating and level with dry microfiber towel.

Important Recommendations.

  1. Install in a temperature-controlled environment.
  2. In hot and humid environments, work faster and in smaller sections. As a last resort, if needed, use a damp microfiber towel to level the coating.
  3. Do not use in direct sunlight or in extreme heat.
  4. The curing process should not be interrupted for at least 24 hours.

Washing and chemical contact should be avoided for 12 days after application.