CCi Glass Coating 50 ml


This nano-coating is specifically engineered for glass and can last up to 3 years on vehicle windshields and up to 5 years on flat glass. It repels water and dirt and is extremely resistant to environmental conditions or wear degradation.

The long-lasting durability of CCI Glass Coating means you won’t have to worry about frequent applications. Our glass coating offers reliable protection in any environment and will continue to provide superior hydrophobic projection over a long period of time, allowing both you and your customers to enjoy cleaner surfaces and increase safety through excellent visibility for years to come.

Surface Preparation:

  1. Clean glass surface with Glass Cleaner or soap and water.
  2. Ensure the surface is dry and all residues, soaps, and oils are completely removed.

Application Instructions:

  1. Apply 10-12 drops evenly onto a microfiber coating applicator and the glass.
  2. Using the applicator, spread the coating evenly onto the glass surface using circular and crosshatching patterns.
  3. Level the coating using a dry, folded, flat microfiber towel in the palm of your hand.
  4. Remove any remaining coating, streaks and high spots with a second dry folded flat microfiber towel until smooth and clear.

Important Recommendations.

  1. Do not use in direct sunlight or in extreme heat.
  2. The product cures within one hour but allow at least 24 hours before getting the coated glass wet.