Double Black Clarity Crème Glass Polish


The P&S Detail Product Double Back Clarity Crème Glass Polish fixes one of the biggest challenges for detailers is creating crystal-clear glass. Over time exterior glass accumulates water spots, mineral deposits, calcium build up, wiper blade residue, and glass cleaner will no longer do the trick. The glass needs to be polished back to its original condition. The Double Back Clarity Crème Glass Polish quickly and effectively removes particulate to create a smooth OEM glass finish.

The Double Back Clarity Crème Glass Polish may be used by hand or machine to restore glass or in preparation for installing Inspiration Vue Glass coating.

Instructions: Wash glass and clay glass if necessary. For light-duty polishing, use a hand microfiber towel; for medium-duty cleaning and beyond, use a machine paired with foam or wool pad depending upon severity. Polish using an overlapping pattern either by hand or machine until the glass is restored to its original condition. Repeat as necessary. Once complete, allow the polish to dry to haze and polish to a bright finish.