Double Black Defender S102 Protectant



P&S Detail Products Double Black DEFENDER SiO2 Protectant is the ideal product for both professionals and enthusiasts for use as a topper/maintenance treatment for Inspiration Coatings as well as other coatings or as a stand-alone SiO2 Protectant. Defender SiO2 Protectant (DSP) is very easy to apply and use in most environments. Defender creates incredible gloss, slickness, and durable protection. Although Defender is primarily for painted surfaces, it also can be used on metal, glass, and trim.

Directions: If using as a coating topper, ensure the coating has had time to set up prior to Defender installation.  In most cases, we recommend 1-hour minimum.  Always apply to a cool surface when possible and out of direct sunlight. The Defender may be applied directly to the paint surface or sprayed onto a microfiber towel and wipe applied.  Once applied, spread evenly for uniform application in a 3’ x 3’ area; allow to set for a brief moment. Flip the microfiber towel and wipe to a bright finish.  Repeat the process over the entire vehicle.