Double Black Inspiration SOLE One Year Coating 100ML


SOLE offers an easy-to-install coating to be used by both professionals and passionate enthusiasts as a stand-alone one-year coating or as an enhancer on top of Inspiration Classic. We feel SOLE in the "Super Size" clear 100 ml bottle is the new sweet spot in the coating industry. Credible performance featuring easy installation and flexible use as a final step top coat to Inspiration Classic for customers looking to add an extra level of protection, as a maintenance coating to be placed on top of Inspiration Classic once a year or as a pure stand-alone one-year durable coating. (Kit Includes: 1 - 100 ml bottle of Inspiration, one coating applicator & 4 door jamb labels). SOLE Inspiration Ceramic Coating is an easy-to-install coating. However, we still recommend professionals install the product, and proper procedures must be followed for effective application and results. We do not recommend product use or application by untrained individuals.

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