RUPES DA Blue Coarse Foam Pad - 2.75 Inch (4 Pack)

By Rupes

Rupes DA Blue is Contoured to be Course

RUPES D-A Blue Coarse Foam Pad is the most aggressive option when it comes to pads in the RUPES BigFoot line. The design and the material of RUPES D-A Blue Coarse Foam Pad are made to optimize cutting action while still delivering a quality finish.

What's great about the RUPES D-A Blue Coarse Foam Pad is the design. These pads have a lower profile with an optimized pad height that provides the equality between balance and polishing performance. The material of the foam pads also helps regulate heat, contouring, and versatility. Plus, the contoured edge offers improved pad stability and more control of the pad along the curves of the vehicle. RUPES D-A Blue Coarse Foam Pads are meant to be used with dual action polishers, specifically in those smaller, hard-to-reach areas of your vehicle, as this pad is only 2.75 inches (or 70 mm) in size.

Use these pads with the RUPES D-A COARSE Compound to really rid your surface of those moderate to severe defects. 


  • Use with a 2-inch backing plate.
  • 2.75 inch (70mm)
  • Package of 4